4BUS1029: Global Perspectives in Economics

 Essential Reading

Favier-Townsend, A. and Lister, J. (2011)
‘Perspectives in Global Business’ 1st edition, London, Pearson

This text book can be purchased from the Waterstone’s book shop in the Hatfield Galleria at a cost of £28.99. It is not available for borrowing from the LRC.

​ Recommended Reading​

Browaeys , M.J. and Price, R. (2008)
‘Understanding Cross-cultural Management’ Prentice Hall
(0273703366): (658.3008 BRO)

Koen, C. (2005)
‘Comparative International Management’ McGraw Hill
Johnson, D. and Turner, C. (2010)
‘International Business : Themes and Issues in the Modern Global Economy’

McFarlin, D. and Sweeney, P. (2007)
‘International Management: Strategic Opportunities and Cultural Challenges’

Mead, R. and Andrews, T (2009)
‘International Management: Culture and Beyond’


Wall, S. Minocha, S. and Brown, R. (2010)
‘International Business’, Prentice Hall.


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