4BUS1033: Introduction to Macroeconomics

Essential Reading​

Sloman, John (2007) 
‘Essentials of Economics’ FT Prentice Hall (4th Edition) 
(330 SLO)

Recommended Reading (Choose one)​ 

Nellis, J.G. and Parker, D. (2004) 
‘Principles of Macroeconomics’  
(339 NEL)

Sloman, John (2007)
‘Economics’ FT Prentice Hall (6th edition)   
(330 SLO)

Dunnett, Andrew (1998) 
‘Understanding the Economy’ Longman (4th edition)
(330.9410857 DUN)

Gordon, R. J. (2009)  
‘Macroeconomics’ Pearson International
(339 GOR)

Parkin, M. (2008) 
‘Economics’ 8th Edition, Pearson International  
(339 GOR)


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