5BUS1035: Labour Market Policy


Sloman, J. and Wride, A. (2009)
‘Economics’. London: Pearson. Chapter 9. 

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‘Principles of Business Economics’. London: Pearson. Chapter 13. 


​ Intermediate:

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‘Labor Economics’. New York: McGraw-Hill.

(0071110976): (331 BOR)

​ Advanced:

Smith, S. (2003)
‘Labour Economics’. London: Routledge.


​ UK Labour Market:

Gregg, P. and Wadsworth, J. (2011)
‘The Labour Market in Winter: The State of Working Britain’. Oxford: OUP
(9780199587377): (331.110941090511 LAB)

Marsden, D. (2011)
‘Employment in the Lean Years: Policy and Prospects for the Next Decade’. Oxford: OUP
(9780199605446): (331.120941090512 EMP)


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