Second Event of the Year: Documentary!

Masters of Money: Keynes



Join us for our 2nd event of the year this Thursday. We will be screening the first part of a 3-episode set of documentaries entitled Masters of Money examining how three extraordinary thinkers – Keynes, Hayek and Marx – helped shape the 20th century and continue to exert a huge influence on our world today. Snacks and soft drinks will be served during the screening and followed by half-price drinks at Club DeHav.


Thursday 7th November


Room N110, De Havilland Campus


Coming Up

Next week and the week after, we will complete the Masters of Money series by learning about Hayek and Marx. A talk about where your University of Hertfordshire Economics degree can take you is also planned for the end of November, including a variety of guest speakers. As always, there will be free snacks and drinks. Make sure you register as an official member on the Herts SU website or at the SU building on College Lane ASAP if you have not already done so.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch!


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