Our Philosophy


Of course, being a student is about meeting new people, trying new things and generally having a great time. Economics students (contrary to popular belief!) are no exception to this. This academic year we will continue to build a platform where colleagues can meet, socialise and network with people of similar interests and goals. As the only society on campus that can put on events exclusively for Economics students we see this as a vital step to creating a more relaxed community feel in the department.


Being at University we hope that you share the same academic values we do. We want to do our best and we want to help you all do your best at the University of Hertfordshire. For all Economic students we are keen to offer Economic specific help. Whether you’re finding a module difficult or whether you just need extra materials for your studies; we will be building our Economic material hub throughout the year with you in mind.

In addition we hope you’ll find useful new friends with whom you’ll be able meet up and discuss academic matters with.


Although we realise we may never be the best in career advice, we think we can do our little bit and will continually work towards creating a directory and basic information platform.


This year we shall be hosting weekly documentaries, we also want to arrange a deal with the local dominos… A pizza and a ‘movie’ who said Economics was all boring? On a more serious note we think weekly documentaries will augment your Economic knowledge and its applicability in the ‘real-world’. We aim to strongly increase our sponsorship portfolio and company awareness in order to diversify the events we have on offer.

We aim to strongly increase our sponsorship portfolio and company awareness, we think building relationships with firms and other Universities could be beneficial for all our members and could allow for a diversification in events.
Our team are actively seeking new ideas on how to please your Economic needs and interests, please get in touch and tell us what you want, or what you think might be beneficial to our Society