Level 5

We here at the Economics Society hope to make your learning experience at the University of Hertfordshire as easy as possible.
We therefore have compiled this; a list of Essential and recommended reading books for your Economic pathway modules. Finding and purchasing the necessary books  is also made easy, as by clicking on the links within each module you will be redirected to Amazon.

In addition if the book is available at DeHavilland Campus a short code is attached indicating the location of the book. We hope this helps!

5BUS1086: Consumers, Firms and Markets

5BUS1086: Economic Growth, Aggregate Price and Income

5BUS1067: Enhancing Employability in Economics

5BUS1059: Econometrics

5BUS1058: Business Economics

5BUS1040: International Trade and the Open Economy

5BUS1035: Labour Market Policy

5BUS1015: Techniques of Economic Analysis